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Stick ‘n’ Go Valentine Look

Valentine ManiHere is a quick post on a quick look for Valentine’s Day.  (Note:  The pictures of my nails I took, but the pictures of my supplies I Googled this time.)

I wanted something cute for Valentine’s but this week has been so busy, I did not have time to sit down and really commit.  And then I thought, NAIL STICKERS!!!!  After the rediscovery of them last week, I am all about them right now.  I used:

Salon Effects Gel DressThe red I put underneath, but honestly, it ended up looking a little orangey.  Oh well.  Then, since there was no dry time, I slapped the lacey looking stickers on top.  The Gel Dress stickers can be sealed with a UV light, but I don’t have one.  I sealed them with a top coat.  I have had them on for five days and they look just as good, so I would say UV light not required.

Here’s what I have, and I like it.  Especially since it took 20 minutes tops!

Valentine Nails Valentine Nail ArtThanks for reading this super short post on super easy nails!

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