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Fun and Funky

Black and Neon Pedicure

I have been wearing a lot of experimental combos on my toes lately.  They are things that in my head work, but sometimes the execution leaves something to be desired.  🙂  So, in winter, when I only see them at home, I can decide how I feel about it.  These are toes I think I would do again, and maybe even on my fingers.

Funky Fingers Xtreme Wear

I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out for the main color.  Then, the top splashes of color were provided by Funky Fingers Pep Rally.  This is a polish with a mix of matte/pearl hex glitters in different sizes, as well as straight line pieces.  There are all kinds of neon colors in the bottle.  Overall, this was an easy polish to work with.  There was minimal fishing for pieces and I was not trying for days to spread it around evenly.

Funky Fingers Pep Rally Neon Pedicure

While I usually don’t sport a lot of dark colors in the summer, I do think this could be fun to reprise then.  I think the neon would make up for the dark.

P.S.  There has a been a Five Below “coming soon” for months around me, but it finally looks like there might be merchandise coming in.  I am super excited.  I have a couple of Funky Fingers polishes from other people, but am looking forward to seeing what they have!

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Shooting Stars

Nail Studs

I wanted something kind of fun for my toes this week.  I went with a shooting star look, that I am not totally in love with, but I also am not totally offended by it.  Please excuse any messy edges on my toes.  I don’t really think anyones feet are that great, but I swear I have particularly gnarly ones, and no amount of clean up seems to work.  If you have found the answer to this problem, please share.  The only thing I can find to do is clean up as best as I can, and then wear them around.  It wears off in a day or two.

Star PedicureI began with two coats of OPI I Sing in Color.  It looks really dark in the pictures, and it is…but it is more of a deep plum than black or brown.

OPI I Sing in Color

Then, on my big toe, I put a gold star stud, and trailed it with some holographic gold glitter.  On the teeny toes I put gold microbeads (caviar).  The end result is a decent look.

Microbead Pedi

I am wondering how long the microbeads will stay in place once I put socks and shoes on.  I guess time will tell.  🙂

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