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Nude + Glitter = Fab!

Neutral Nails

This week I found myself lacking inspiration (and time) so I went with my new neutral polish and topped if off with an old favorite.  In my opinion, the results were fabulous!

Nude and Glittery

I do find that I need to figure out how to capture the way things look in reality in a picture.  I swear, my photos never do my nails justice.  Anyway…

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

I began with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Bare It All for the base.  I needed two coats to feel good about it.  Then, I topped it off with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Strobe Light.  This is a glitter polish that is pink and holographic.  I only used one thin coat of this, and that was enough to give the sparkle that I wanted.  I took a bunch of pics, trying to capture it.  Here you go.

Bare It All

Strobe Light

Sally Hansen

Xtreme Wear

Glitter Nails

Easy Nail Art

Short Nail Art

The end result was a shiny, yet subtle look that I enjoyed a lot more than I expected to.  I foresee this again in my future.  It was also nice that I had such a nude look on, since I ripped half of my thumbnail off the other day.  OUCH!

Thanks for reading!

C is for Cookie Monster Nails

After about a month away, I am back and ready to blog.  School started back up, and I needed to be focused on a new batch of kiddos.  Now, I am ready to share some of the nail designs I have worn for the last couple weeks.

Cookie Monster Nails I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away for the base.  It looked this good after one coat!  Then, for the cookies I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Quick Sand, and the chocolate chips I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Branch Out.

Sally Hansen Cookie Monster    To paint the cookies and chocolate chips, I used a dotting tool.  For the Cookie Monster nail, I put blue flocking powder on to make him furry.  I just used a Sharpie to draw in the mouth.  Finally, I used google eyes so they would really move around like Cookie Monster’s.

I had my concerns going into this design.  I wondered if the flocking powder would look gross after a day of washing hands, doing dishes, showering, lotion…you get the drift, but it didn’t.  It would stay wet for a couple minutes and then dry out, and you’d never know the difference.  I also was worried that the Sharpie would bleed, but that didn’t happen, and the eyes did not fall off.  I wore these for six days before I removed them.

As a teacher, these were a hit.  But honestly, I got tons of compliments on them from strangers when I was out and about.  One, I don’t think they look too shabby.  Two, who doesn’t love Cookie Monster?

This design was surprisingly simple, and makes me wonder about other uses for google eyes (Halloween monster nails?) and the flocking powder.  Have you used these things much for anything?  Let me know!

Once again, I am excited to be back!  


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