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Sexy Red

Miracle GelSo what the title really should have been is “Slutty Red” since that is what The Hubs calls any really red nail polish.  🙂  I do think there is something to be said though about that.  I don’t know about you, but red can make you have that little feeling of sexy.  Whether it is red lips, nails, an outfit, whatever, red is a powerful color.

I have been wearing this all week, so you can see a little bit of wear and tear, but overall, it looks good still.  This is because I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.

Sally Hansen Miracle GelI am not trying to sound like a cheese-tastic commercial here, but seriously.  This stuff if worth a try if you haven’t already.  You really do get a manicure that lasts through dishes, etc.  And that top coat gives some SERIOUS SHINE!  I am wondering about being able to use it as a top coat on its own.   Have any of you done this?  Does it need the Miracle Gel underneath it to work its magic?  Anyway….back on track….The Miracle Gel red that is underneath is called Red Eye.  It is a brilliant red, that really could work with just one coat, but two makes it perfect.

For the accent, I used a dried flower.

Dried Flower Nail ArtWhile the picture is a little fuzzy, it is a dark, dark blue flower, that I consider to be black.  I pressed it into the red polish and painted the gel top coat over it.  It worked just fine.  I really like that black and red combo.  Just like red is a powerful color, I think black is too.  And then together…boom!

This was a simple, yet beautiful look to wear this week, and I was really happy with it.

Red ManiNail ArtThanks for reading.  I hope you have a great weekend!  And if you are somewhere cold right now, stay warm.  I have to hit the grocery for a few things before we get slammed later tonight.  🙂

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