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Mash Plates 26-50

Nail stamping is a great way to get intricate designs on your fingers when you aren’t so artistically inclined yourself.  If I had to free hand a design on all of my fingers…..let’s just say……no.

Konad is the brand that seems to rule the school.  The prices on the Konad plates were enough to send this girl on the hunt for something else.  (Though I will admit to ordering a Konad stamper through Amazon.  The stamper I currently have is a little blah.)

First,  I went to Ulta and bought a little baby stamping kit by Essence.  This is the current stamper and scraper that I have, and I originally only had the one plate.  I was not impressed with this, but I was not discouraged.  I do not use the scraper.  I go with the plastic card method.  And, as previously mentioned,  I am waiting on a better stamper to come from Amazon.

So, in my Amazon blitz, I placed orders for Mash and Pueen plates.  Both of these brands have lots of good reviews floating around, and I liked the images.  The price was excellent as well.  I have tons of new plates for less than $30.

I wanted to break down the Mash plates for anyone considering purchasing them.  The picture on Amazon wasn’t great.  (After trying to snap some of my own, I understand why.)  I really would recommend them, and I hope that you find this helpful.


IMG_1684IMG_1686 Each plate comes individually packaged in a thin, plastic bag.  When you open it, you need to pull off the clear plastic film that is protecting the images.  (Believe it or not, some people don’t know to do this.)  IMG_1685  Each plate has a protective paper backing on it, and the edges seem to be filed.  (No mini razors.)

I had no trouble with images being damaged, plates, bending, getting cut, or any of the other hassles I had read about online.

So far, so good.

Let’s keep going.


MASH PLATES 26 – 28          Small Images and Tips


Top 26, Left 27, Right 28


MASH PLATES 29 – 31          Small Images


Top 29, Left 30, Right 31


MASH PLATES 32 – 34          Small Images


Top 32, Left 33, Right 34


MASH PLATES 35 – 37          Small Images


Top 35, Left 36, Right 37


MASH PLATES 38 – 40          Full Nail and Small Images


Top 38, Left 39, Right 40


MASH PLATES 41 – 43          Full Nail and Small Images


Top 41, Left 42, Right 43


MASH PLATES 44 – 46          Full Nail and Small Images


Top 44, Left 45, Right 46


MASH PLATES 47 – 48          Full Nail and Small Images


Left 47, Right 48


MASH PLATES 49 – 50          Full Nail and Small Images


Left 49, Right 50


So, there are the plates that came.  I wanted to see how well they worked.  I did a few sample stamps using my Essence stamper, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out polish, a plastic card scraper, and then stamped it on a post it note.  Maybe not the ideal situation, but good enough.  Here’s a quick sampling.

IMG_1689IMG_1690 Despite all that was not perfect with how I ran my trial run, I was pleased with the product.  The images have lots of detail, and it shows up in the stamp.  I like that there wasn’t a problem using other polish, because I am not going to spend tons of money on special polishes.

My final verdict on these is that they were a great purchase.  The money spent was worth it, and I will have lots of fun mani/pedis from this set.

What do you think?  Any questions or comments?  Let me know.  I’d love to hear from you!

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