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Diagonal Beauty

Striping Tape Nail ArtI kept waiting for a sunny day to take this pic, but no dice.  I think you can appreciate it anyway.  🙂

Sally Hansen China Glaze Color Club

Striping Tape ~ Nail Scissors ~ Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Jungle Gem ~ China Glaze The Outer Edge ~ Tweezers ~ Color Club Harp On it

To create this mani, I first put down a single coat of Color Club’s Harp on It.  I wanted to have a holographic stripe.  After it dried, I put pieces of striping tape on each nail at a diagonal.  I used the nail scissors to cut it, and the tweezers to make sure it was pushed in tightly on the edges.  Then, over the entire nail I painted a single coat of Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure Jungle Gem.  Once it dried, on the top half of the diagonal, I painted China Glaze The Outer Edge.  (This polish has both white and silver glitters in it.)  Finally, I peeled off the tape with little to no trouble at all.

I really did get a holographic line like I wanted, but on these cloudy January days, it was hard to capture it.  I think for a winter look this is perfect.  It has the snowy effect and the darker colors that I like to use this time of year.  (Not that I don’t use them other times, but you know what I mean.)

Here are some more angles.  I really enjoyed wearing this, and lots of people liked it.  I like when your nails look like they took a lot of time, but you know they didn’t.  AND, getting a ten nail design at a salon….talk about break the bank!

IMG_2330 Nail Art and Design IMG_2331

OH!  Before I forget…when do you like to peel off your striping tape?  I have tried dry and wet, and both ways end up with touch ups to do.  When I look around, everyone seems to have their own ideas of what is best.  What do you do?  Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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