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Under Five Bucks…Suh-weet!

eBay Shopping Spree

Do you ever get the urge to spend money, but know you really shouldn’t?  I had that feeling one night, when I couldn’t sleep, so I hit eBay.  Not one particular seller to brag on, just excellent prices and finds!  Seriously, I got all of this stuff for less than five dollars and free shipping!

Nail Art Wheels

I got eight new wheels full of stuff.

Pearl Nail Art

Pearls with Golden Outline

Neon Nail Studs

Neon Star, Circle, Rectangle, and Triangle Nail Studs

Beach Nail Art

Gold and Silver Beach Accessories

Dried Flower Nail Art

Dried Flowers

Nail Rhinestones

Metallic Sheen Rhinestones

Pearl Nail Art

Pearls and Iridescent Brown and White Gems

I also snagged up these nail art magnets.  I have’t tried them yet to know how well they work, but the idea of them and the price made them worth a go.

Magnets for Nail Polish

Finally, I went bonkers on water decals.  I love using them!  When I found them for under ten cents, even Disney princess ones, I lost my mind!  (And let me tell you, I still have some on the watch list….I did show some self restraint.)

Water Decal Nail Art

Waterslide Nail Decal

Disney Nail Art

Nail Tattoos

In closing, I would completely recommend eBay as a shopping source for nail art stuff.  Especially if you really don’t want to spend money (or shouldn’t spend money) it lets you feel like you got a bunch of stuff for nothing!

Thanks for reading!  I have some nail stuff to try!

Wax Picking Tool

Wax Picking Tool

As I have mentioned before, I love trolling eBay for deals and steals.  I got this dude for six cents, free shipping, HOLLA!  It is a picking tool for when you are trying to put on gems, studs, etc.  Typically I do this with a dotting tool, tweezers, or my fingers.  I find though that I don’t always get the placement I want when using those things.  When I found this for literally pennies, I thought I would give it a try.

It is about ten inches long, but did arrive broken…

Broken Picking Tool…so I finished the job.

Wax Picking Tool for Nail ArtVoila!  Two for one!  🙂

Nail Art Tool

I peeled the paper off of one of the pieces, and sharpened it using a regular pencil sharpener.  With the heat of your hands, you can mold the tip if you need too.  Next, I tried picking up a few random things.  The pics are a little blurry, but you can see from fimo to studs to bows, it grabs it all!

Picking Up Nail Art

3D Bow


Metal Stud




Fimo Fruit Slice

I have not used this to apply anything to my nails yet, but just from this trial run, I believe I will be pleased.  I will let you know what I think after I use it.

Thanks for reading!

Spring In My Step

Spring Pedicure

I am living in a place where it is sixty degrees one day and thirty the next, so I guess I thought that some spring-ish toes would help inspire the weather to be more consistent.

Sally Hansen Tickled Pink

For this I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Tickled Pink.  This is a beautiful light pink that needed about three coats to look completely opaque.  Then, I wanted to try out some new nail stickers I had ordered off of eBay.  (If you aren’t using eBay to get your nail art stuff, you should be.  You need to be willing to wait on free shipping, but a $2 shopping spree will get you loads of things.  I got ten sheets of nail stickers for 11 cents.)

I am not going to say that I love or hate the nail stickers.  I am wondering if I should have waited for the pink to be way dry before I applied them.  Can you see how they are up on the edges a bit?

Nail Stickers

I want to give them a couple more tries because they peeled off of the sheet easily and are cute.  So far, after a few days of wear, they are still on there, just have those edges that I would rather be flat.

Overall, I really like the pink and still see potential in the stickers, so will give them another go some other time.

Here’s to hoping Spring weather comes in time for Easter!

Thanks for reading!

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