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Zoya Pixie Dust

Zoya Pixie Dust

I wanted a quick look for a couple of family get togethers, and this polish came through!  One, it is sparkly, yet subtle.  Two, any nicks from preparing food and washing dishes were easily remedied because this polish is so textured.

Sally Hansen Golden-I

I began with one coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Golden-I, because the Zoya is so sheer.  After that, I topped it off with a coat of Zoya Pixie Dust Bar.  It is a neutral, golden, holographic polish that dries sort of matte and textured.  The outdoor pics don’t show much of the shine because it has been cloudy here.

Zoya Bar

Zoya Pixie Dust Bar

Easy Holiday Nails

To get a better look at the polish, head on over to my Instagram.  There is a video posted.  🙂  @dontjudgemeokaynails

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Beautifully Blue

Julep Luna

After I got done painting my nails with this polish, I was reminded of Elsa from Frozen.  This seems like more of a winter than a summer mani, but who cares?  Pretty is pretty, no matter what season it is.

Julep Nail Art

All I needed for this look were these two things.  I used blue gems out of one of my rhinestone wheels and Julep Luna.



I tried to zoom in a little on the polish so you can see how flipping magnificent it is!  It is light blue, with large (I call them ice chip) glitters in them.  The polish has an iridescent shine that is also fabulous.  And surprisingly, for such a light colored polish, two coats really did the trick.

Julep Nail Polish

Rhinestone Nail Art

Easy Nail Art

This look was super simple, and I really liked it.  I loved all of the different colors that the polish would shine and the single accent gem added just enough to have flare, but not over the top.

Thanks for reading!

Holo with a Jelly Twist

Holographic Nail Polish

I love, love, love holographic nail polish.  I cannot stop looking at it when I wear it.  I feel little to no need to add embellishments, which makes it a nice, quick application.  Really, I can’t find a whole lot of cons…except for how they all look alike.  I have a few Color Club holos, and they are different shades, but it is hard to tell.  Then, I had this stoke of genius.  🙂  Add a jelly!

Color Club Sally Hansen

For this mani, these are the two polishes I used.  First, I put on two coats of Color Club Cloud Nine, which is a pink/purple holo.  Then, I topped it with one coat of Sally Hansen Triple Shine Jell-ous?, which is a very sheer jelly polish, that also falls in that pink/purple zone.  The jelly did not take away any of the holo shine, but did enhance the color, especially when the sun wasn’t doing wonders on the polish.

Now, here are way too may pics.  Enjoy.

Cloud Nine


Holo Polish

Jelly Polish

Color Club

Triple Shine

Sparkly Nails

Natural Nails Mani

A little less light. Can you see how the jelly helps it look pink?

Summer Sparkle

You made it through all of the pics!  This was a super easy mani, yet it drew as much attention as any other.  Love it!

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Light as a Feather

Feather Nail Art

I was in the mood to give something a try, so I got some feathers from my craft stuff and went to town.

Feather Nail Art

Aside from some scissors and a nail file, I only needed my polish and feathers.

Matte Top Coat

After a base coat (I rarely mention this….but it is something that I always use) I put on two coats of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Brilliant Blush.  This polish is very sheer and gave a nice base that would not distract at all from the natural feathers.  Then, one nail at a time I added a third coat of the Blush and then laid a feather on top of it.  I chose the feather I wanted before I painted since there wouldn’t be much play time.

Feathers for Nail Art

I was using sterilized goose feathers, all in natural colors, no dye.  Here you can see where I cut one off.  I would cut off a bigger piece, let it harden up, then go in and trim to to my nail.  I finished off by filing it down to my nail.

Next, I used two coats of matte top coat.  I wanted the matte for this look since everything was so neutral and natural, a glossy sheen seemed odd.  Here’s what I ended up with!

Feathers on Nails

Big Matte Top Coat

Diamond Strength Brilliant Blush

Real Feather Nail Art

I like the variety of the different patterns of the feathers.  This was a very unique look without much effort.  I wonder about using some of the dyed craft feathers now….neon summer colors would be fun.  Have you used any feathers?  What do you like?

Thanks for reading!

Easter Spots

Easter Nail Art

Tomorrow is Easter, so I did my nails in some fun spring colors.  Please excuse and remaining sloppy edges, since I wanted to get some pics in the daylight.  🙂

Pastel Polish

I did each nail in a different spring shade.  From left to right I used: Sally Girl Simple, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Breezy Blue, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Tickled Pink, and Fresh Paint Honeydew.  Since all of these are light colors, I needed about three coats of each to feel good about them.

Polka Dots

I topped off all of the nails with a coat of Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots Clearly Spotted.  This polish is made of of different sizes of black and white dots, and I wish I had another bottle, because I can’t find it anywhere now.

Robin Egg Nails

I thought these colors looked really fun together, and they will make a cute look for Easter.  The remind of me the Robin Egg candies.

Easy Easter Nail Art

Polka Dot Nail Polish

Spring Nail Polish

This was easy, quick, colorful, and perfect for a sunny day!  And, it will match whatever I pull out of my closet.  🙂

Have a very blessed Easter!  Thanks for reading!

Nude + Glitter = Fab!

Neutral Nails

This week I found myself lacking inspiration (and time) so I went with my new neutral polish and topped if off with an old favorite.  In my opinion, the results were fabulous!

Nude and Glittery

I do find that I need to figure out how to capture the way things look in reality in a picture.  I swear, my photos never do my nails justice.  Anyway…

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

I began with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Bare It All for the base.  I needed two coats to feel good about it.  Then, I topped it off with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Strobe Light.  This is a glitter polish that is pink and holographic.  I only used one thin coat of this, and that was enough to give the sparkle that I wanted.  I took a bunch of pics, trying to capture it.  Here you go.

Bare It All

Strobe Light

Sally Hansen

Xtreme Wear

Glitter Nails

Easy Nail Art

Short Nail Art

The end result was a shiny, yet subtle look that I enjoyed a lot more than I expected to.  I foresee this again in my future.  It was also nice that I had such a nude look on, since I ripped half of my thumbnail off the other day.  OUCH!

Thanks for reading!

Brightening the Snowy Days

Holo Neon Nails

The weather has been frightful for a while, and with more impending doom this weekend (which is only worth it if I get a snow day on Monday *wink*) I was ready for some bright colors.

Color Club and Studs

For this look I used a Color Club holographic polish and neon studs.

Color Club Harp On It

Color Club Harp On It is a silver, holographic polish.  It is easy to apply evenly.  With two coats, I was completely covered.  And I tried to get in the sunshine to capture the shine.

Neon Nail Studs

The neon studs came from eBay, and there are circle and square studs.  I went with the circles this time around.

Holographic Nails

This turned out to be a very easy mani, and I like it more than I expected to.  Something about the way the holo catches the light is a big part of it, but the simple studs add just enough to keep it bright in the absence of sunlight.

Nail Studs

To attach the studs, all I needed was a spot of clear coat and a dotting tool to pick them up with.  I sealed the entire look with a clear top coat and was ready to go!  Here’s a couple other shots for you.

Winter Nail Art

Color Club Holographic

Neon Nail Studs

Neon Nail Art

Harp On It

Winter Nail Art

Clearly I was a little photo happy here.  Oh well.  🙂  I hope you liked it!  Thanks for reading!

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