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Sexy Red

Miracle GelSo what the title really should have been is “Slutty Red” since that is what The Hubs calls any really red nail polish. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I do think there is something to be said though about that. ¬†I don’t know about you, but red can make you have that little feeling of sexy. ¬†Whether it is red lips, nails, an outfit, whatever, red is a powerful color.

I have been wearing this all week, so you can see a little bit of wear and tear, but overall, it looks good still.  This is because I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.

Sally Hansen Miracle GelI am not trying to sound like a cheese-tastic commercial here, but seriously. ¬†This stuff if worth a try if you haven’t already. ¬†You really do get a manicure that lasts through dishes, etc. ¬†And that top coat gives some SERIOUS SHINE! ¬†I am wondering about being able to use it as a top coat on its own. ¬† Have any of you done this? ¬†Does it need the Miracle Gel underneath it to work its magic? ¬†Anyway….back on track….The Miracle Gel red that is underneath is called Red Eye. ¬†It is a brilliant red, that really could work with just one coat, but two makes it perfect.

For the accent, I used a dried flower.

Dried Flower Nail ArtWhile the picture is a little fuzzy, it is a dark, dark blue flower, that I consider to be black. ¬†I pressed it into the red polish and painted the gel top coat over it. ¬†It worked just fine. ¬†I really like that black and red combo. ¬†Just like red is a powerful color, I think black is too. ¬†And then together…boom!

This was a simple, yet beautiful look to wear this week, and I was really happy with it.

Red ManiNail ArtThanks for reading. ¬†I hope you have a great weekend! ¬†And if you are somewhere cold right now, stay warm. ¬†I have to hit the grocery for a few things before we get slammed later tonight. ¬†ūüôā

Dried Flowers

Dried Flower Nail Art


I finally sat down and tried the dried flowers that I had recently acquired. ¬†The pictures truly don’t do these nails justice, because they were really a lot of fun, and much more vibrant than I seemed to ever be able to capture.¬†

Dried Flower Nail ArtDried Flower Nail ArtI tried to capture these in a few different types of lighting, but….meh. ¬†Hopefully you can catch the drift of what was up with these.

For the nail color, I used Butter London Wellies. ¬†(Note: ¬†I recently got a handful of Butter London, Ciate, Sephora Formula X, Essie, and OPI polishes from TJ Maxx. ¬†I never would have thought to look there, but I will now. ¬†Each polish I bought was no more than $2. ¬†Previous to that, I did not own any Butter London, Ciate, Sephora, or Essie, simply because I didn’t want to pay those prices for colors that I could get in my ever trusty drugstore brands.)

I had already posted about the dried flowers in one of my Amazon Hauls.  I used a turquoise colored flower on the accent nails, and purple small flowers on all of the nails.  At first this seemed like it might be too weird of a color combo, but it worked!

IMG_1829This was one of the more painstaking designs I have done recently.  I am finding it difficult to put into words.  The flowers were definitely fragile, but could take more of a beating than I had anticipated.  I mainly worked with tweezers to apply the flowers. 

For the small purple ones, I used nail scissors to cut them up and make the small little flowers.  These small ones are the ones that almost drove me bonkers!  I quickly realized that I was not going to have enough patience to make any kind of consistent pattern, so I just let them fall where they fell.

I wish I could have captured some of the really neat details, like the tiny yellow stamens on the blue flowers, and that the stems for the purple flowers were green, not just a completely dyed flower.

I would like to comment on the nail color. ¬†This is the first time I have used Butter London. ¬†Four coats later the color was decent. ¬†I am just a little baffled as to why a polish that takes that many coats would have originally cost almost $20. ¬†Have any of you run into this with Butter London polish? ¬†Should I not judge the brand yet? ¬†I know that light colors aren’t always the best to work with, even in brands you know and love.

This stayed on until I removed it after a week. ¬†I did all the standard stuff like, dishes, housework, etc. ¬†I only sealed it with a normal top coat, so it’s not like any extra effort was put into that.

Have you tried any dried flower designs?  Let me know!

Talk later!

Amazon Haul Part Two



I got a couple more things, so I figured I would update my Amazon Haul.  I received my Konad stamper and scraper, dried flowers, dotting tools, and brushes.

First, the stamper and scraper.


I seriously doubt that I ever use the scraper. ¬†I have never understood the whole metal scraper on metal plates thing. ¬†I use an old gift card to scrape the polish off. ¬†I like the two sizes on the stamper, so placing images that are smaller or whole nail are easier. ¬†And, after a few sample stamps, I have decided that even if you don’t want to spend the money on Konad plates, the stamper is worth it.

Next, the dried flowers.


For the same reason as the other dried flowers, I got these because I wanted something more colorful than how mine dry from my garden. ¬†These are just five petal flowers, where the others were very, very tiny. ¬†The colors are much more fabulous than the picture shows. ¬†In addition, this was supposed to be a 36 piece set, with three of every color. ¬†There are easily five flowers in each slot! ¬†BONUS! ¬†I haven’t tried them on my nails yet, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t be terrific.

Third, the dotting tools.


The dotting tools and brushes actually came together in one set. ¬†They are going to be fine to use. ¬†They seem like a decent quality, and are easy to hold on to. ¬†My only complaint with these is that five of the heads are the same size, and five are different. ¬†So, instead of the advertised ten heads, it’s more like six.

Finally, the brushes.


There are fourteen brushes and one dotting tool.  There are striping brushes, and ones with squared off heads.  With these, patterns, designs, and clean up will be a breeze.  I think for the dotting tools and brushes together, it was about $4.  At that price, these cannot be beat!

Do you buy nail stuff on Amazon? ¬†Any must haves? ¬†I’ll keep you posted when the rest of my haul comes in!



Amazon Haul Part One

Okay folks. ¬†I admit, that I am not a big online shopper, but the Amazon bug bit me. ¬†I found all kinds of deals, free shipping, add ons, and what not, and I couldn’t resist. ¬†I wanted to boost my nail art collection, but doing it through a beauty supply store is pricey! ¬†And since I only do this for me, I couldn’t justify spending that kind of cash on a hobby. ¬†That’s where Amazon came in. ¬†You can get all kinds of stuff on there for pennies. ¬†Not all of it is American made, though, so if that is a big thing for you, you will pay a little more. ¬†(Still less than a beauty supply store.)

Have I rambled enough yet?

Here is what I have gotten so far.  (I apologize for the picture quality.)


Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers

 These are some dried flowers that I ordered.  I have dried my own flowers from home and used them in my nail art, but I wanted some really vibrant colors.


IMG_1660  I hope you can see these.  They are just teeny flowers.  You cut off the pieces you want to use and attach them to polish that is still a little wet.


IMG_1663  I really enjoy using fimo slices now and then.  I think they are a nice pop of color and variety.  This set did not disappoint.  It is from Cheeky Beauty. I got ten wheels filled with all sorts of images.  

*Note: ¬†This set is a little flower heavy, but that was my choice. ¬†IMG_1664IMG_1665¬† I tried to get a little closer so you could see that the pictures are easy to make out and very bright. ¬†(The lighting just isn’t working for me!)



This wheel was NOT part of the set above.  I ordered this separately, because in the Amazon pic, it was full of bright, recognizable fruits.  That is not the case in reality.  These are strange colored, fairly unrecognizable things.  I will be able to use some, but overall, I was not impressed with this set.


IMG_1667 IMG_1668  

This is a nice little carrier for nail stamping plates from Pueen. ¬†It reminds me of a little CD case. ¬†You just slide your plates in and there is no more worry about scratches. ¬†I also like that I can see all of the images without having to finger each and every plate…just turn the page.


IMG_1669 IMG_1670 IMG_1671

I got two sets of stamping plates. ¬†The Pueen set came in a storage case, while the Mash set came individually packaged. ¬†Obviously, I have yet to dive into these and do some tests. ¬†(I will post when I do.) ¬†At first glance, I am super happy with them. ¬†The images have lots of variety and potential for creativity. ¬†I can’t wait to get started with them!

The last thing that came was some loose glitter. ¬†I didn’t feel a big need to post about it though. ¬†It’s glitter. ¬†

If you have questions or comments, I would love to know!  Look for coming posts as things arrive and I test them out!

Thanks for reading!  Ta-ta!

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