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Maleficent or Magnificent?

Orly Mistress of All Evil

For this look I was WAY excited to try out my new Orly Color Blast Mistress of All Evil, which is part of the Disney Villains Collection you can get right now.  This polish is for Maleficent, and if there was a way to capture her colors, they got it spot on! I think of her with her purple and green, and this is perfect!  I have tried to upload two videos to show you their glory, but I can’t!  Meanwhile, they are on my Instagram, so check them out there!

Disney Villain Nail Art

For an accent nail, I used one of these adorable Maleficent water slides, and topped it off with the SpaRitual polish you saw above in Invention.  Both the Orly and the SpaRitual went on very smoothly and had an excellent shine, all while color changing!

Sparitual Invention

Disney Nail Polish

Maleficent Nail Art

The end result was a mani that I couldn’t stop admiring.  I have been into the Disney looks lately.  I like Disney, but I’m not sure what brought on this recent craze.  Anyway…there was one other polish in this collection I was eyeballing (for Ursula), but I am really trying to show restraint.  🙂

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Cinderella Nail Art

I am a sucker for Disney, and after my eBay five buck splurge a while back, I have been dying to use some of my princess water decals.  I got the chance this weeks with some Cinderella nails.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

For my blue nails, I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Blue Hue, which I feel looks very Cinderella.  I really like the Miracle Gel polishes, but I will say this blue was thicker than any others I have used.  It ended up looking okay, I just felt like it was gooey.  (Can you use nail polish thinner on these types of polishes?)  Then, for the nails with Cinderella water slide decals, I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Birthday Suit.  It really is a very nice, neutral color.  While we are talking polish, I will tell you that the thing that made me secretly happy the entire time I have been wearing this look is the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength glitter I used to top them off.  Why?  Because it is called Glass Slipper.  Could that be more perfect?  Aside from the name, it really does add a nice, delicate hint of shine.

Disney Nail Art

I used a water slide of a Cinderella headshot for my ring fingers and one of her in her ball gown for my thumb,

Disney Waterslide Decals

Sally Hansen Glass Slipper

I really think this look successfully captures Cinderella, it is delicate, pretty, and the gel made it stay on through all of my chores.    🙂

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