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Challenge Confusion


Let me begin with, I LOVE SEEING ALL OF YOUR NAIL POLISH CHALLENGE IDEAS AND PICTURES!!!!  Truly, I do.  I just have a question today.  Why are the challenges for every single day?  You all post these marvelous designs and ideas, just to remove them in a matter of hours.  Are there challenges out there that are for a week at a time?  Do you ever skip a day because the design you did was so marvelous you can’t stand to take it off right away?  Or, is the challenge itself so fun that you don’t mind putting that much time and effort into it?

I am just curious.  When I do my nails, it is on all week, because I usually like it, and don’t have time to redo them.

Please, keep it up.  I do love it.  I just have my questions.

Thanks for reading!

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