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Crushed Shells

Crushed Shell ManicureI have had this little set of crushed shells for a little while, but just wasn’t sure how I wanted to use them.  I knew they would be 3D, and I didn’t want them chipping off minutes after I spent an hour getting them on.  But then, duh!  Put them at the bottom of you nails where they will see less wear and tear.  So, that is what I did.

Satin GlamI began by painting my nails with Sally Hansen Satin Glam Chic Pink.  This really does dry to a nice satiny finish, and I used about three coats.  Then, I painted a clear coat on the bottom half of my nails and sprinkled the shells on.

Crushed Shell Nail Art

I used the white shells for my thumb and ring finger, and the pink shells for the rest.  With a little pressing and maneuvering, they were on.  This was much easier than I had anticipated.

Shell Mani

I sealed it all in with a top coat.  While the top coat took the satin finish away, the Satin Glam polishes have a beautiful sparkle if finished with a clear coat.

Reverse French Manicure

Crushed Shell Nail Art

I would like to add that the shells are surprisingly flat.  There is no denying that it is textured, but I figured they would be jagged and get caught on everything.  They are really on there pretty securely, and I haven’t had trouble with them.  I am now curious to try other things with them and see how they hold up.

Do you use crushed shells?  How do you like to use them?

Thanks for reading!

Amazon Haul Part Three

Amazon Haul 3


Here is the third installment of my Amazon haul.  I love getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill or junk, and when it is from my Amazon frenzy a couple weeks ago, I love it even more!

First, I got my clear rhinestones.

Clear Rhinestones

I use my clear stones more than any others, and I found these for 69 cents, free shipping.  The reviews on them were mixed, but I wasn’t expecting Swarovski for that price.  I am pleased with them.  They came in ovals, kidney bean shape, rectangles, stars, teardrops, flowers, hearts, large circles, squares, bent teardrops, hearts, and small circles.  There are lots in each compartment, and they will be great for all kinds of designs.

Second, I got my neon studs.

Neon StudsThere are circles and squares in each of the six colors.  The colors are very vibrant in person, so don’t let the picture fool you.  These are very thin, so I think they will be great for nail art that I want to stay, because they won’t be jutting out really far from my nails.

Last, the crushed shells.

Crushed Shells


Clearly, there are lots of color options here, between pastel and bold.  The pieces are nice and small, but not glitter.  They all have a very beautiful iridescent sheen.  To top it off, compared to name brand kits that run about $20, and you only get one color, I got 12 colors for about $3.

Have you used shells in any manis?  Any tips before I go for it?

Thanks!  Ta-Ta!

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