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Shagadellic Baby!

Neon Water Marble Nails

So, I haven’t posted in a while.  The Hubs and I went on vacation, and it had been my intent to postdate a few things, but that didn’t get done, and honestly, I think it is okay.  We really needed to just be away from everything for a while.  That is exactly what we did.  We went into Tennessee, barely had cell reception, and just enjoyed each other.  It was great!

Meanwhile, I’m back with a water marble inspired by my 13 year old brother’s recent discovery of Austin Powers.  When you have a baby brother 15 years younger than you, you can bank on things like that coming back into your life.  🙂  After seeing all of the crazy colors and patterns, I knew a water marble would be perfect.  I intentionally did not go for any certain design.  I just wanted colorful and wild!

Water Marble Polish

From left to right, these are all of the polishes that I used: Color Club Blue Heaven (which is a holo, but good luck getting any sunshine these days to be able to see that), China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, Wet ‘n’ Wild Megalast Whipped Topping, L.A. Colors Color Craze Flicker, China Glaze Pool Party, and L.A. Colors Color Craze Nuclear Energy.

I didn’t take any pics of actually doing the marble, but I began with painting two coats of the Whipped Topping on all of my nails to help the colors pop.  Then, I taped off a few fingers and painted glue onto the rest.  I have always used tape, but wanted to compare.  From here on, I will use the glue.  You can tell the fingers I used the tape on because you can see some white on the edges where the tape caught the polish instead of my nail.  Also, when I water marble, I just use those little two ounce cups (like for sauce for take out food) because I can throw it away.

Color Club Water Marble

China Glaze Water Marble

L.A. Colors Water Marble

Of course, there is one nail that catches your eye, and mine was a pinky nail.  I love it!  (And if you have been on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve already seen it!)

Perfect Water Marble Nail Art

Summer Water Marble

I think these are definitely in the shagadellic category and I have enjoyed wearing the fun colors.  I especially like how much variety you get in the color of the polishes, depending on how much they diffuse in the water.

Thanks for reading!  Come again!

Electrifying Summer Nails

Bright Summer NailsThis was the last week of school and I wanted something bright, borderline tacky, and easy to apply.

Neon Nail Polish

Pink Lemonade, Blue Me Away, Lemonade, Techno

To make this look, I began with painting all of my nails with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away.  This is a bright, basically neon, blue.  One coat would probably do it, but I did two since I knew I would be moving furniture and stuff during the week.  Next, I painted my middle fingers with Funky Fingers Lemonade.  This is a yellow matte glitter coat, and it is scented.  It is supposed to smell like lemonade, but I honestly just thought it stunk.  On my index finger and pinky I painted Funky Fingers Pink Lemonade, which is also a matter glitter coat and scented.  While it is mildly better than the yellow, it isn’t something I would whiff on purpose.  Finally, I used China Glaze Techno on my thumb and ring finger.  This is a holographic silver hex glitter with small glitter mixed in.  While the yellow, pink, and blue are all neon and play off of each other, the holo added a touch of shiny bling.

Funky Fingers Scented Polish

China Glaze Holographic Glitter Polish

The end result was a mani that I was a little like WHOA toward, but actually got a lot of positive feedback from.  It makes me want to experiment with other color combos for summer.

Thanks for reading!

Back in Black…Bows

Funky Fingers Kingston

It has been nearly a month since I posted last.  Things have been insane!  I had multiple funerals, wrapping up a school year, did my sister’s nails for her prom, etc.  I haven’t even had time to paint my nails, let alone make a post.  But, today I am making my comeback and see no bumps in the road for the future.  🙂

This is the last week of school, and the kids were honestly disappointed in my bare fingers and toes, so I am going with some bright summer colors for this week.  (I haven’t painted my fingers yet, so I could type, but if it goes as planned, it’ll be gorgeously tacky!)

Nail Art Supplies

These are the things that I used to make this look.

Funky Fingers Sally Hansen

The main color that I used is a neon red by Funky Fingers called Kingston.  I needed about three coats to feel like it was opaque.  It was cloudy when I took the pictures, but I think you can still see how bright it is.  The black is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out, and I actually only used it to touch up a place where I didn’t place my striping tape quite right.  If you can’t tell where it is, then I’ll go ahead and keep it a secret.  🙂

Striping Tape

After I got the color on, I cut a piece of black striping tape and placed it on my nail.  I tried to get them perfectly matched, but that didn’t happen.  It wasn’t bad enough to redo it, but enough for me to go, ugh.

3D Bow Nail Art

I have a wheel with small plastic bows in it.  I chose two of the black ones to place in the center of the tape line, like a bow on a package.


In the end, I have a nice bright color on my toes with an accent that stands out, but not in a gaudy way.  I felt like I wanted to add something else, but I wasn’t sure what so I left it alone.  If you have ideas, let me know.

I’m glad to be back!  Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Flowering Fimo

Fimo Nail Art

It is actually beginning to seem like spring around here.  Trees are budding and grass is greening up.  I wanted something bright and springy for this week, so I pulled out one of my faves.

Fresh Paint and Fimo Flowers

This was an easy look with so little involved.  Aside from base and top coat, these are the only supplies I needed.

Fresh Paint Guava

I used two coats of Fresh Paint Guava.  I wish that the pictures showed how vibrant it is in reality.  It is like a neon pastel, and is one of my favorite polishes that I have.

I top coated the polish and while it was wet I tacked on the fimo flowers in the corners of my big toes.

Fimo Nail Art Slices

I used the white flowers in the top wheel, and the yellow flowers and green outlined flowers in the bottom wheel.  I decided not to top coat over the fimo slices.  When I have in the past, it curls them up on the edges.  So far, they have stuck on just fine and are staying much flatter than usual.

Spring Nail Art

I think the bright color and simple flower touch makes this a casual spring look that goes with anything.

Do you use fimo?  Do you top coat over it?  If you do and it doesn’t curl, please tell me your secret.  😉

Thanks for reading!

Brightening the Snowy Days

Holo Neon Nails

The weather has been frightful for a while, and with more impending doom this weekend (which is only worth it if I get a snow day on Monday *wink*) I was ready for some bright colors.

Color Club and Studs

For this look I used a Color Club holographic polish and neon studs.

Color Club Harp On It

Color Club Harp On It is a silver, holographic polish.  It is easy to apply evenly.  With two coats, I was completely covered.  And I tried to get in the sunshine to capture the shine.

Neon Nail Studs

The neon studs came from eBay, and there are circle and square studs.  I went with the circles this time around.

Holographic Nails

This turned out to be a very easy mani, and I like it more than I expected to.  Something about the way the holo catches the light is a big part of it, but the simple studs add just enough to keep it bright in the absence of sunlight.

Nail Studs

To attach the studs, all I needed was a spot of clear coat and a dotting tool to pick them up with.  I sealed the entire look with a clear top coat and was ready to go!  Here’s a couple other shots for you.

Winter Nail Art

Color Club Holographic

Neon Nail Studs

Neon Nail Art

Harp On It

Winter Nail Art

Clearly I was a little photo happy here.  Oh well.  🙂  I hope you liked it!  Thanks for reading!

Green and Fimo

I finally settled on some fimo dragonflies and butterflies for this week.  (I know you were all on the edges of your seats, dying to know!  LOL)  It seemed bright and summery.

IMG_1717 IMG_1719Let me tell you what though…I am truly discovering that I am not steady handed at all.  Whenever I try to get a pic of something, whether it is my nails or just random objects, six tries later, I just choose the least blurry.  Goodness!

Anyway, for these I used China Glaze, In the Lime Light, and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Samba, along with some of my new fimo pieces from Cheeky Beauty.  The China Glaze is a cute color, but the application was rough.  It was grabbing itself, and ultimately, that’s why I layered the Samba over it, to try to cover some imperfections.  The Samba was VERY thick.  The fimo pieces are terrific!  They are thin enough to be flexible, and stick to the polish.  I only have a few edges that curled up…for the most part, they are stuck to stay.

I like these for a fun, summer look.  Kind of cartoon-y and bright.  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


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