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My Collection – The Blues

Nail Polish Swatches

My Collection

Blue Nail Polish

The Blues

Blue Polish

The Blues

Blue Polish 2

The Blues

Whoa!  Someone has the blues!  I had to split it up into two groups just to be able to stage all of the bottle and swatch pics.  I am a little disappointed with the lighting, but I think as we travel through the blues together, you’ll get a better view of them.  Enjoy! Magnetic Ionic IndigoSally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color Ionic Indigo is a fun one!  I actually like the magnetic polishes, because with very little effort, you have a unique look on every nail.  This goes on smoothly and I like the dark and light colors that come out when you use the magnet.  On a side note, I have never tried any of the other magnets you can buy that are supposed to make other patterns.  Have any of you tried them?  Do they make that much of a difference? Wet n Wild Up in the AirWet n Wild Megalast Up in the Air is a very sheer blue glitter polish.  With enough coats, you can get a blue tint, but I typically use it as a topper.  The glitter is that nice iridescent kind that adds a subtle flair to lots of looks. Color Show Blue BeatsThis matte glitter polish is a stunner!  Maybelline Color Show Street Art Blue Beats has different sizes of matte black and neon blue glitter pieces.  The pieces are dots, hexes, and lines that work together to form this great topper for eye catching looks.  It goes on easily and evenly and gives that dramatic pop you are looking for! Formula X BoomSephora Formula X Boom is another topper that I really enjoy using.  It is full of multiple sizes of hex glitters that have a pearly sheen.  This is really easy to spread out evenly and is such a versatile color for all kinds of looks. Salon Manicure Jungle Gem I really wish I could capture this color in the picture.  Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Jungle Gem is a gorgeous deep blue with a tinge of teal to it.  It is really an elegant, deep color that works for lots of holiday and winter looks. Miracle Gel CombustealbleSally Hansen Miracle Gel Combustealble is a blue-teal polish that shimmers with a purple glow.  It’s really unique and catches people’s eyes.  It goes on practically opaque in one coat, but two is guaranteed.  Used with the proper top coat, it wears like iron. Ciate Ferris WheelCiate Ferris Wheel is a very pale blue that is cute for looks year round.  It does need about three coats to be opaque, but goes on smoothly, so streakiness isn’t a problem.  This one came as a gift in the mail with some nail art stuff…bonus! Glosstini Blue HawaiianWhile the bottle looks a little fuzzy, the swatch looks just like the color.  Covergirl Outlast Glosstini Blue Hawaiian is like if you could mix neon blue, baby blue, and grey.  Weird description, I know…but it isn’t any certain type of blue specifically.  I actually like this one a lot for accent nails. LA Colors In a FlashLA Colors Color Craze In a Flash is a basic/neon blue.  It is pretty sheer, so you need a few coats to get it to be opaque.  Depending on what you wear it with will determine if it looks more primary or neon. Xtreme Wear Blue Me AwayThis is a ver bright blue, that leans toward neon.  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away goes on easily and is opaque in one coat.  It does stain though, so ALWAYS use a base coat (if you don’t already).  I like this a lot for water marbeling, but then the whole skin staining is a thing.  Oh well.  🙂 Crackle Wave BreakSally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Wave Break is one that I don’t use too often.  It’s great, it crackles nicely, easy to apply, and so on…I just never really got into the crackle look.  I do like that this one is so sheer.  It is less obvious, and with a little sparkle it just adds a nice touch. Xtreme Wear Breezy BlueSally Hansen Xtreme Wear Breezy Blue reminds me of a robin’s egg.  It dries with a bit of a pearly finish and is such a beautiful color in the spring.  (Though I have worn it for winter and summer looks as well.)  It needs two to three coats to be opaque.  I like to top it with a black and white polka dot polish and it makes this simple, yet stunning look. Xtreme Wear SplashThis blue and white speckled jelly polish makes a cute topper on lots of colors.  It is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Splash.  With the variety of blues and the little bit of white, this is a versatile polish.  It can be a little hard to spread the pieces evenly, but I have found that it can take a little shoving around without any damage to the overall finished look. Xtreme Wear Pacific BlueSally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue is a pretty, basic blue.  It is not a jelly polish, but seems to have more of that feel than just a cream.  It does take about three coats to be opaque.  It goes on easily and is great for all kinds of patriotic looks. Color Club Blue HeavenThis gorgeous blue based, holographic polish is by Color Club and is called Blue Heaven.  When the light catches it, you cannot take your eyes off of it.  It shines so many beautiful colors!  When it is not catching all of that light, it is a shiny, kind of metallic pale blue.  Either way, it is wonderful!  One coat works, but two is best for this one. Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint I Need a Refesh-Mint by Wet n Wild is a summery, wear it to the beach, blue.  It is totally opaque in two coats.  I have a love/hate relationship with the wide brush in this bottle.  Sometimes I feel like it makes painting easier, and other times I feel like I just slop paint everywhere.

OPI Dining Al FriscoThis polish with hints of silver and little blue sparkles is a subtle showstopper.  OPI Dining Al Frisco goes on easily in two coats and gives a great pop to any set of nails.

Broadway Nails Space FlightBroadway Nails Space Flight is a steal!  You can pick up Broadway Nails at Dollar General stores for $1.  This is a jelly polish, that on its own is kind of dark.  When I paint it on top of white, it is a vibrant blue!  Either way, it is easy to use and too good of a deal not to try.

Complete Salon Manicure Batbano BlueSally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Batbano Blue is a bright, primary blue with a blue, pearly shine.  It goes on nicely in one-two coats.

Zoya SunshineZoya Pixie Dust Sunshine is a textured polish that dries a little matte.  It has silver glitter in it that adds some spice.  It reminds me of denim when it is dry.  This polish goes on evenly and is opaque in one coat, which is a total bonus!

HD SpectrumSally Hansen HD Spectrum needs two-three coats to be opaque, but with the shine of it, you can get by with less.  At first glance, it is a teal/blue, but it shines purple.  This is a gorgeous color, especially in the summer sun.

Diamond Strength Something BlueIf you are looking for a shiny, sheer topper with a tint, this is it.  Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Something Blue can be painted on to be a sheer beauty or in multiple coats to be darker.  While it is barely blue in the base, there are light blue glitter pieces in it that catch the light.

Essie Blue RhapsodyEssie Blue Rhapsody reminds me of a cloudy day on the water.  It is a gray-blue polish that is really beautiful.  It takes two-three coats to be solid.

Color Show Emerald CityI could not capture this one in a picture the way I wanted to.  Just trust me on the shine and glory of it.  Maybelline Color Show Emerald City is a blue/teal and holographic glitter topper that shines like there is no tomorrow!  The colored glitters are just little circle pieces, while the holographic ones are hex and diamond shaped.

Triple Shine Ice TintSally Hansen Triple Shine Ice Tint is a sheer jelly polish.  I like to use it mainly for watercolor looks, but it can be painted on to just be a sheer blue on its own.

And those are my blues.  Thanks for reading!

Dried Flowers

Dried Flower Nail Art


I finally sat down and tried the dried flowers that I had recently acquired.  The pictures truly don’t do these nails justice, because they were really a lot of fun, and much more vibrant than I seemed to ever be able to capture. 

Dried Flower Nail ArtDried Flower Nail ArtI tried to capture these in a few different types of lighting, but….meh.  Hopefully you can catch the drift of what was up with these.

For the nail color, I used Butter London Wellies.  (Note:  I recently got a handful of Butter London, Ciate, Sephora Formula X, Essie, and OPI polishes from TJ Maxx.  I never would have thought to look there, but I will now.  Each polish I bought was no more than $2.  Previous to that, I did not own any Butter London, Ciate, Sephora, or Essie, simply because I didn’t want to pay those prices for colors that I could get in my ever trusty drugstore brands.)

I had already posted about the dried flowers in one of my Amazon Hauls.  I used a turquoise colored flower on the accent nails, and purple small flowers on all of the nails.  At first this seemed like it might be too weird of a color combo, but it worked!

IMG_1829This was one of the more painstaking designs I have done recently.  I am finding it difficult to put into words.  The flowers were definitely fragile, but could take more of a beating than I had anticipated.  I mainly worked with tweezers to apply the flowers. 

For the small purple ones, I used nail scissors to cut them up and make the small little flowers.  These small ones are the ones that almost drove me bonkers!  I quickly realized that I was not going to have enough patience to make any kind of consistent pattern, so I just let them fall where they fell.

I wish I could have captured some of the really neat details, like the tiny yellow stamens on the blue flowers, and that the stems for the purple flowers were green, not just a completely dyed flower.

I would like to comment on the nail color.  This is the first time I have used Butter London.  Four coats later the color was decent.  I am just a little baffled as to why a polish that takes that many coats would have originally cost almost $20.  Have any of you run into this with Butter London polish?  Should I not judge the brand yet?  I know that light colors aren’t always the best to work with, even in brands you know and love.

This stayed on until I removed it after a week.  I did all the standard stuff like, dishes, housework, etc.  I only sealed it with a normal top coat, so it’s not like any extra effort was put into that.

Have you tried any dried flower designs?  Let me know!

Talk later!

Amazon Haul Part Three

Amazon Haul 3


Here is the third installment of my Amazon haul.  I love getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill or junk, and when it is from my Amazon frenzy a couple weeks ago, I love it even more!

First, I got my clear rhinestones.

Clear Rhinestones

I use my clear stones more than any others, and I found these for 69 cents, free shipping.  The reviews on them were mixed, but I wasn’t expecting Swarovski for that price.  I am pleased with them.  They came in ovals, kidney bean shape, rectangles, stars, teardrops, flowers, hearts, large circles, squares, bent teardrops, hearts, and small circles.  There are lots in each compartment, and they will be great for all kinds of designs.

Second, I got my neon studs.

Neon StudsThere are circles and squares in each of the six colors.  The colors are very vibrant in person, so don’t let the picture fool you.  These are very thin, so I think they will be great for nail art that I want to stay, because they won’t be jutting out really far from my nails.

Last, the crushed shells.

Crushed Shells


Clearly, there are lots of color options here, between pastel and bold.  The pieces are nice and small, but not glitter.  They all have a very beautiful iridescent sheen.  To top it off, compared to name brand kits that run about $20, and you only get one color, I got 12 colors for about $3.

Have you used shells in any manis?  Any tips before I go for it?

Thanks!  Ta-Ta!

Amazon Haul Part Two



I got a couple more things, so I figured I would update my Amazon Haul.  I received my Konad stamper and scraper, dried flowers, dotting tools, and brushes.

First, the stamper and scraper.


I seriously doubt that I ever use the scraper.  I have never understood the whole metal scraper on metal plates thing.  I use an old gift card to scrape the polish off.  I like the two sizes on the stamper, so placing images that are smaller or whole nail are easier.  And, after a few sample stamps, I have decided that even if you don’t want to spend the money on Konad plates, the stamper is worth it.

Next, the dried flowers.


For the same reason as the other dried flowers, I got these because I wanted something more colorful than how mine dry from my garden.  These are just five petal flowers, where the others were very, very tiny.  The colors are much more fabulous than the picture shows.  In addition, this was supposed to be a 36 piece set, with three of every color.  There are easily five flowers in each slot!  BONUS!  I haven’t tried them on my nails yet, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t be terrific.

Third, the dotting tools.


The dotting tools and brushes actually came together in one set.  They are going to be fine to use.  They seem like a decent quality, and are easy to hold on to.  My only complaint with these is that five of the heads are the same size, and five are different.  So, instead of the advertised ten heads, it’s more like six.

Finally, the brushes.


There are fourteen brushes and one dotting tool.  There are striping brushes, and ones with squared off heads.  With these, patterns, designs, and clean up will be a breeze.  I think for the dotting tools and brushes together, it was about $4.  At that price, these cannot be beat!

Do you buy nail stuff on Amazon?  Any must haves?  I’ll keep you posted when the rest of my haul comes in!



Can’t Decide!

I got a couple more things from Amazon today.  I am not going to make another post on them though, until I have more than two items.  Meanwhile, getting these trinkets here and there are making me want to do one of every kind of nail design!  I have flowers, stamps, jewels, SO MANY OPTIONS!


Hopefully tomorrow I will have a more meaningful post, and a decision on how to wear my nails for the next week.  

Have a great night everyone!  And thanks for welcoming me so warmly to the blogging circle.  I have only been on here for a few days, and I already have a handful of followers, likes, and comments.  I am really enjoying this community!

Ta-Ta for now!

Amazon Holo Haul

I have tried to find the perfect holographic nail polish for a while.  In stores around me, there just wasn’t anything good.  It would be more chrome than anything.

Then, on Pinterest, I saw a Chanel holographic polish!  OH.  MY.  WORD.

Chanel Holo

Not my nails. Taken from Pinterest.

Turns out this whole holo craze is not so current.  And when I found any of this Chanel polish, the price was not an option.

Now that I knew that the perfect holo existed, I looked online for it.  This is also how I discovered Color Club.  This brand is not sold in stores near me, but they have the most beautiful holographic nail polishes!!!

I ordered some of them.  I couldn’t resist!

I got:

Harp On It, Angel Kiss, Cloud Nine, Cherubic, Halo-Graphic, Beyond, and Blue Heaven.  I tried to get a shot of them in the sun.



I slapped some on my nails, and tried to get some pics of them shining.  The sun is a little here and there today.

Without the light, these are just nice shades of polish.  IMG_1704

In the sun, they are so mesmerizing,  I am not sure I should wear them any time I am operating heavy machinery.  IMG_1706 IMG_1707

IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1710


I hope that you are able to see some of the shining glory!  It’s not that easy to catch in an iPhone photo shoot.  🙂

I am loving these!  I don’t care if it was a craze two years ago.  I love it now!

I have already tried to stamp with them, and they work great with the plates.  Here’s a quick shot of a stamp on a bare nail.


The possibilities are endless!  Do you use holo polish?  Do you love it?  Do you care if you are behind on a trend?  Let me know what you think!




Mash Plates 26-50

Nail stamping is a great way to get intricate designs on your fingers when you aren’t so artistically inclined yourself.  If I had to free hand a design on all of my fingers…..let’s just say……no.

Konad is the brand that seems to rule the school.  The prices on the Konad plates were enough to send this girl on the hunt for something else.  (Though I will admit to ordering a Konad stamper through Amazon.  The stamper I currently have is a little blah.)

First,  I went to Ulta and bought a little baby stamping kit by Essence.  This is the current stamper and scraper that I have, and I originally only had the one plate.  I was not impressed with this, but I was not discouraged.  I do not use the scraper.  I go with the plastic card method.  And, as previously mentioned,  I am waiting on a better stamper to come from Amazon.

So, in my Amazon blitz, I placed orders for Mash and Pueen plates.  Both of these brands have lots of good reviews floating around, and I liked the images.  The price was excellent as well.  I have tons of new plates for less than $30.

I wanted to break down the Mash plates for anyone considering purchasing them.  The picture on Amazon wasn’t great.  (After trying to snap some of my own, I understand why.)  I really would recommend them, and I hope that you find this helpful.


IMG_1684IMG_1686 Each plate comes individually packaged in a thin, plastic bag.  When you open it, you need to pull off the clear plastic film that is protecting the images.  (Believe it or not, some people don’t know to do this.)  IMG_1685  Each plate has a protective paper backing on it, and the edges seem to be filed.  (No mini razors.)

I had no trouble with images being damaged, plates, bending, getting cut, or any of the other hassles I had read about online.

So far, so good.

Let’s keep going.


MASH PLATES 26 – 28          Small Images and Tips


Top 26, Left 27, Right 28


MASH PLATES 29 – 31          Small Images


Top 29, Left 30, Right 31


MASH PLATES 32 – 34          Small Images


Top 32, Left 33, Right 34


MASH PLATES 35 – 37          Small Images


Top 35, Left 36, Right 37


MASH PLATES 38 – 40          Full Nail and Small Images


Top 38, Left 39, Right 40


MASH PLATES 41 – 43          Full Nail and Small Images


Top 41, Left 42, Right 43


MASH PLATES 44 – 46          Full Nail and Small Images


Top 44, Left 45, Right 46


MASH PLATES 47 – 48          Full Nail and Small Images


Left 47, Right 48


MASH PLATES 49 – 50          Full Nail and Small Images


Left 49, Right 50


So, there are the plates that came.  I wanted to see how well they worked.  I did a few sample stamps using my Essence stamper, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out polish, a plastic card scraper, and then stamped it on a post it note.  Maybe not the ideal situation, but good enough.  Here’s a quick sampling.

IMG_1689IMG_1690 Despite all that was not perfect with how I ran my trial run, I was pleased with the product.  The images have lots of detail, and it shows up in the stamp.  I like that there wasn’t a problem using other polish, because I am not going to spend tons of money on special polishes.

My final verdict on these is that they were a great purchase.  The money spent was worth it, and I will have lots of fun mani/pedis from this set.

What do you think?  Any questions or comments?  Let me know.  I’d love to hear from you!

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