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Check Her Out!

Until I am back up and running, please check out my friend’s blog.  She is new to blogging and has so much to say!  Go read some of her posts and leave her a comment or two.  🙂  Inspirational Blog



I am now up and running on Twitter!  Come and follow and I will gladly return the favor.  🙂

Here is the link:

I am @DontJudgeNails

I also have the button on my blog page.  Thanks!  ❤


I am now on Instagram.  You should be able to link to it from my blog badge, or try this link:

Come and follow me!  I’ll be happy to return the favor.  🙂

You Know What….

….I am loving about this blogging experience?  The diversity.  I am posting a lot about nail polish.  Because I want to.  Because I can.  Because it is just for fun.  Because it has nothing to do with my everyday life.  AND I am really enjoying it!

Beyond that, I am loving this eclectic mix of blogs I am following, and some of the people following me.  I’ve got funny, serious, heartfelt, you name it!  What does it take to get someone to follow you? Just that one magical post that speaks to them?  (That seems to be it for me.)  

I am loving that moment when you make a connection with someone you have never met in your life.  I am loving the reminder that the world is a small place.  When I see the map with views in Australia, Malaysia, the UK, the US, I am….maybe humbled is the word.  I know it could have been a series of random clicks that got them there, but they looked at what I had to say.  And I looked at what they had to say.

I know that this is the third time I have felt the need to say how much I like this, but it is true.  Everyone has a story to share.  Everyone has thoughts, ideas, plans.  Thanks for sharing yours with me, and allowing me to share mine with you.

Talk soon!


Can’t Decide!

I got a couple more things from Amazon today.  I am not going to make another post on them though, until I have more than two items.  Meanwhile, getting these trinkets here and there are making me want to do one of every kind of nail design!  I have flowers, stamps, jewels, SO MANY OPTIONS!


Hopefully tomorrow I will have a more meaningful post, and a decision on how to wear my nails for the next week.  

Have a great night everyone!  And thanks for welcoming me so warmly to the blogging circle.  I have only been on here for a few days, and I already have a handful of followers, likes, and comments.  I am really enjoying this community!

Ta-Ta for now!

I Would Rather…

I woke up this morning knowing everything I needed to do.  Everyday chores, work, etc. and so on.  But I find that I am getting a whole lotta nothin’ done, because I would rather do 1,000 other things.  For example, I am on here….wasting time….while my trash is calling to be taken out.

What would you rather be doing today?  Let me know!  I want to try to get a conversation started here.


The beach would be nice.


How many times have you not been able to sleep at night?  Don’t they say that media, like phones, computers, and so on just encourage you to stay awake?  So….why am I on here?  Maybe it’s because I felt this rush after seeing that I had actual views, one follower and one comment after posting just a few hours ago.  (Clearly it doesn’t take much to please me.)  Maybe it’s because I would rather do this than the work that I know needs to be done.  Maybe it’s just because.

At any rate, I thought I would get on here, and ask for help.  I am totally new to this, and I want it to work.  If you could give a piece of advice to kick this off right, what would it be?

Thanks!  Toodles!  

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