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Check Her Out!

Until I am back up and running, please check out my friend’s blog.  She is new to blogging and has so much to say!  Go read some of her posts and leave her a comment or two.  🙂  Inspirational Blog

Where Have You Been?

I have been here, but sadly, have barely even had time to do more than slap glitter polish on my nails.  My career is taking an exciting new twist!!!!

With that in mind, I am posting this link (hopefully) to a Go Fund Me Campaign.  I am trying to get access to more technology for myself and my students as my career booms.

Go Fund Me – Teaching with Technology

I did take some pics this weekend of my nails, so I hope to get back to writing on here, but I think no one should hold their breath too long for that!

Thank you all for your continued support!!!  LOVE!!!!!

Happy Birthday!

   It’s my birthday!  I have no mani to share, just my relationship with cake.  Love you all!

Pink Ribbons

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I know more people than I would like to admit that have been touched by this disease.  While I know that pink ribbons on my nails will not bring a cure, awareness brings money, money brings research, and research should bring a cure.

OPI Pink of Hearts 2014

For this mani, I used OPI Mod About You, which is from the 2014 Pink of Hearts set.  (Side note: Has anyone found these for 2015?  I can’t, even online.  Is OPI not doing this anymore?)  After painting on the OPI, which dried in a flash, I placed the water slide ribbons on my ring fingers.  I topped all of that off with two coats of Funky Fingers Ghouls Night Out, which darkened the OPI to a nice shade of Pepto Pink.  It also added the glittery shine.

OPI Mod About You

Funky Fingers Ghouls Night Out

BUT WAIT!  That’s not all!  This mani is not only fabulous for the day, but rocks at night because it is…

Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

That’s right!  This sparkly pink is also a glow polish.  I am going to put a few pics below, which don’t really capture the brightness, but trust me when I say it shines brightly!

Pink Glow Polish

Five Below Nail Polish

Waterslide Decals

I absolutely love glow polish, and the way this look worked both day and night made it a lot of fun.  Then, to top it off, it got people’s attention for a cause.  I call that a win, win, win!

Thanks for reading!  And let me know if you find Pink of Hearts for 2015!

Nail Polish Storage

I will begin by saying that I do not have a super system, but it is working for now.  The Hubs has promised me a nail polish rack and other storage dreams, but that requires time, which is something that we just don’t seem to have much of.  (I am sure you all know that feeling.)  In addition, for the millionth time, I apologize for photo quality.

Nail Polish Storage

I am using a rolling storage drawer bin.  Again, maybe not perfect, but everything is in one spot, it’s easy to move around, and everything is fairly easy to find when you want it.

On the top of the storage bin I have the stuff that I use all the time.  There are three Nail Polish Storage.Ball jars holding cotton balls, my nail art brushes and dotting tools, and one with nail files, clippers, scissors, etc.  Then, I have a small glass dish that I use for all kinds of things, a bottle of non-acetone polish, and the acetone in the pumping container.  I keep my scissors on top, as well as nail polish thinner for those times that the polish is a little stiff.

On the front ledge of the top I have all of my base and top coats.  I am liking having all of these at the ready, so I don’t have to dig through all of my polishes to find them.

Nail Polish Storage

In the first drawer, I have all of my backup supplies.  I keep extra cotton balls, Q-Tips, tape, containers for water marbeling, (I like to throw them away after I use them.  They are always gooped up.) my stamper and scraper, makeup sponges for sponging, Sharpies, and manicure stickers.

Nail Polish Storage

In the second drawer, I have all of my nail polish swatches and wheels to practice on.  On each swatch I have the polish (duh), the name of the brand and the name of the color. I really do like having these, especially when I am undecided on what I want to do with my nails.

Nail Polish Storage

In the third drawer, I have my nail art supplies.  I have glitter, microbeads (caviar), flocking powder, fimo, dried flowers, rhinestones, google eyes, pearls, crushed shells, feathers, stamping plates, nail tattoos…..a little bit of everything.  

Nail Polish StorageNail Polish Storage 

In my bottom drawer, I have the actual nail polish.  This really isn’t my favorite way to store this.  I envy people with a nail polish rack.  But, for now, it’s all in one place, and relatively easy to find.  I know that compared to some, I have a small collection, and to others, this would be huge.  I am pleased with it.  I honestly only ever buy polish on sale, and only purchase colors that I will wear and don’t already have.  Waste not, want not.

I look forward to being able to do a different nail polish storage post sometime in the future when I am able to upgrade and revamp.  I would recommend this system though to someone else out there that is like me.  You like doing your nails, and have enough stuff that it is cluttering up an area of your house, but you are not a fanatic and don’t need anything over the top.

How do you store you polish and supplies?  And ideas or suggestions?  Let me know in the comments!

Ta-ta for now!

Date Night!


This is my entire post for the day.  The hubs and I are having date night!

Here’s to gettin’ lucky!  *wink*  LOL

Sally Hansen Clearance Palooza

If I had to claim a certain brand as a favorite polish, I would claim Sally Hansen.  I have never had trouble with Sally products, and at full price, they are still very affordable.   AND, if you are willing to be a little behind on the latest trend, they go on clearance all the time.  Yesterday I scooped up 17 new Sally polishes for under $9.  SCORE!

IMG_1763First, I grabbed the Sally Hansen Triple Shine Jellies.  From left to right I have:  Water Melon, Sea Through, Vitamin D-light, Grape Jelly, Jell-ous?, and Ice Tint.  I think these have a lot of potential.  They are not extremely tinted, but I think that could make them more versatile.  I used them late last night to make my watercolor manicure.

Watercolor Manicure


Next, I found four new shades for me from the Xtreme Wear line.



From left to right:  Gunmetal, Grey Area, Pacific Blue, and Violet Voltage.  I actually had nail stamping in mind when I snagged these.  They will be good colors for manis too.

Third, I found four colors from the Complete Salon Manicure line.



Left to right:  I Lilac You, Batbano Blue, Copper Penny, and Earl Gray.  This picture is not doing Copper Penny any justice.  I am really excited to use it for some fall manis, adding that spark of glitter.  It truly does look like shiny penny pieces.

Finally, I bought one from the Insta Dri line and two from the Satin Glam.



Left to right:  Moracc-go, Chic Pink, and Taffeta.  The Insta Dri I got for autumn, and the others were just cute.  (For the price, that was a good enough reason.)

I was really happy with my finds.  I have plans in mind for some, while others I just took home because I liked the color.  The jellies are pretty new to me.  The only other jelly polishes I have are ones with glitter in them.  I am looking forward to experimenting with them.

Do you love to find a bargain?  Do you already have these shades?  What do you do with them?

Thanks for stopping by!



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