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Sparitual Oasis

I see people do beautiful dry marble designs all the time, and they make it look like a piece of cake.  Either they are really just that good, or this is something that takes a little more practice.

I used Wet’n’Wild Whipped Topping as a base for all of my nails.  Next, I put on a blob of Sparitual Oasis, and I used a pointed dotting tool to swirl the polish.  This is where I was experimenting with amounts of blue and white, and how hard to push, where to swirl, how to swirl, I mean really…the combinations of ways to do it are endless and overwhelming!  And then, if the polish begins to stiffen up at all, forget it!  You will just leave bald spots.  And oh the bald spots!  Some people make those look so easy to cover up.  When I tried to, it truly looked like a blob of paint tossed on to a weird looking nail.  😛  Anyway, when that was all done, I topped it off with a coat of Wet’n’Wild Up in the Air, because sometimes glitter makes designs better.  Yeah, not today.  lol

Wet n Wild Whipped Topping


Wet n Wild Up in the Air

There are chips and dents and bald spots.  Whatevs.

Thanks for reading about my fail.  If you have any suggestions, please pass them on!

Comments on: "FAIL = First Attempt In Learning" (5)

  1. Trial and error always seems to work great when trying out these things. I think they look great for being a first attempt any ways! I am not sure how much of a difference it would make as I have yet to do a marble design but when I was getting my nails done (my esthetcian moved away so I’m doing my own now)


  2. Trial and error always seems to work great when doing things like this. Plus, I think these look great for a first attempt! I am not sure if it will make a difference as I have yet to do a marble design. My aesthetician (before she moved away) use to do this on my nails and I remember her doing the darker colour first. I do the same thing when I am painting or crafting and want this type of effect. Possibly a couple smaller dots rather than one big one could work too. I will have to try this out for myself and see how things go.

    Sorry I had bumped send with my first comment (hate the touch sensitivity)

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