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Light as a Feather

Feather Nail Art

I was in the mood to give something a try, so I got some feathers from my craft stuff and went to town.

Feather Nail Art

Aside from some scissors and a nail file, I only needed my polish and feathers.

Matte Top Coat

After a base coat (I rarely mention this….but it is something that I always use) I put on two coats of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Brilliant Blush.  This polish is very sheer and gave a nice base that would not distract at all from the natural feathers.  Then, one nail at a time I added a third coat of the Blush and then laid a feather on top of it.  I chose the feather I wanted before I painted since there wouldn’t be much play time.

Feathers for Nail Art

I was using sterilized goose feathers, all in natural colors, no dye.  Here you can see where I cut one off.  I would cut off a bigger piece, let it harden up, then go in and trim to to my nail.  I finished off by filing it down to my nail.

Next, I used two coats of matte top coat.  I wanted the matte for this look since everything was so neutral and natural, a glossy sheen seemed odd.  Here’s what I ended up with!

Feathers on Nails

Big Matte Top Coat

Diamond Strength Brilliant Blush

Real Feather Nail Art

I like the variety of the different patterns of the feathers.  This was a very unique look without much effort.  I wonder about using some of the dyed craft feathers now….neon summer colors would be fun.  Have you used any feathers?  What do you like?

Thanks for reading!

Comments on: "Light as a Feather" (4)

  1. anothernailphile said:

    Wow what a great idea! Love your tutorial, broke it down nice and easy!


  2. OMG! This is amazing and so unique! I really like what you did!


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